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06/12/2017 Lecture: Responsive soft materials made by self-assembly, Prof. Bart-Jan Ravoo, University of Munster, Germany
30/11/2017 Congrats to Hannes for his Nature Communication paper on light-controlled reactions with TAD-chemistry.
Press release here
23/11/2017 Congratulations to both Josh and Hannes for their presentation and poster awards on EPTS2017 in Melbourne
10/11/2017 Lecture: Olefin metathesis: Efficient method for precise synthesis of end-functionalized liner/star conjugated polymers, Prof. Kotohiro Nomura, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
19/09/2017 Congratulations to Chiel Mertens for his "Best Chemistry Student" Dow-award
29/08/2017 Phd defense of Cristina Resetco: Multifunctional polymer materials based on sustainable thiolactone building blocks
07/07/2017 Congratulations to Kevin for winning the ACS Macromolecules award on EPF 2017 in Lyon
21-25/05/2017 APME2017: Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering, Ghent
04-05/05/2017 Annual Meeting of the Belgian Polymer Group in Houffalize
24/04/2017 Lecture: Biobased Polymers from Renewable Biomass and Functional Metallopolymers, Prof. Chuanbing Tang, Karlsruhe University of South Carolina, USA.
29/03/2017 Congratulations to Frank with his PhD degree! Very well done!
20/03/2017 Nature communications published our research on vitrimer rubbers
07/03/2017 Congratulations to Rémi with his phd degree!
27/01/2017 Alumni-event will bring together former PhD-students and postdocs. Click here for the program
18/01/2017 Congrats to Wim with his Dr title and acceptance of Nature Communications manuscript in the same hour
15/12/2016 Many congrats to Subrata with his upcoming permanent academic position in IIT Patna
12/12/2016 Congratulations to Andrea for winning the presentation award on the Green Materials conference in London
01/12/2016 Lecture: Control of reactions and network structures of thermosets by supramolecular chemistry, dr. François Tournilhac, ESPCI Paris, France.
21/11/2016 Lecture: From RAFT polymerization to well-defined architectures based on Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride), drs. Marc Guerre, Montpellier, France.
13/10/2016 Filip finished his visit to Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an (China). Thanks a lot to Prof. Qiuyu Zhang and her whole team for the great hospitality! Looking forward to have Jiaojun Tan in our group.
12/10/2016 Congrats to Steven and Rémi for their papers in JACS (sequence-defined oligomers) and Polymer Chemistry (click reactive microgels).
14/09/2016 Congratulations to Jonas, he won the Young Scientist award @ ESPS 2016!
14/09/2016 Congrats to Sophie for her Young Scientist Award @ Polycondensations 2016!
16/08/2016 Lecture: Orthogonal polymer manipulation with light and metals, dr. Hatice Mutlu, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.
13/07/2016 Congratulations to Martijn Droesbeke with his poster price on the Warwick Polymer meeting.
07/06/2016 PCR already published 10 papers in 2016. Take a look at our pubication page.