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09/05/2019 You can read on the new website about the European funded PUReSmart project how our research group deals with circular plastic economy
21/03/2019 Mini-Symposium in honour of Prof. Dr. Ludwik Leibler who will receive an honorary doctorate from Ghent University On Dies Natalis 2019. Click here for the official announcement
12/02/2019 Phd defense of Steven Martens: Amine-thiolactone-ene conjugation : from polymer modification to sequence-controlled polymers
12/02/2019 Lecture: Misusing Peptide Sequences for Materials Sciences: An entire world in between plastics and proteins, Prof. Dr. Hans Börner, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institute of Chemistry, Germany
18/01/2019 Lecture: Isosorbide as a monomer for thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers – Challenges and successes!, Dr. René Saint-Loup, Roquette, France
17/01/2019 Phd defense of Laetitia Vlaminck: Triazolinedione building blocks: their sustainable synthesis and macromolecular implementation
15/01/2019 Our group is participating since January to PUreSmart, a 4-year Horizon2020 project entitled "PolyUrethane Recycling towards a Smart Circular Economy"
29/11/2018 EUROSEQUENCES ITN-project leads to another very nice collaborative paper with Hans Börner: sequence really matters for drug design!
20/11/2018 Lecture: Joining RAFT and thiolactone chemistries together with xanthates, Prof. Mathias Destarac, Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, France
14/11/2018 UGent Faculty of Sciences decided that Ludwik Leibler will receive the Doctor Honoris Causa degree of Ghent University on March 22, 2019 for his numerous high impact contributions on polymer science
26/10/2018 Translating QR codes to chemical powder? We show that it is possible in our latest Nature Communications paper via multi-functionalised sequence-defined polymers
26/10/2018 Christian explaining about vitrimers and how to make more plastics recyclable in a video message.
02/10/2018 Filip has sent his first Tweet! Follow us on @Filip_Du_Prez
01/10/2018 From today Filip is associate editor for Polymer Chemistry
01/10/2018 Another paper on vitrimers appeared in JACS
12/09/2018 Phd defense of Daniel Frank: Thiolactone derivatives: From Bio-Based Building Blocks Towards Sustainable Materials
07/09/2018 Phd defense of Benjamin Hendriks: Self-crosslinking resins and vitrimers based on thiol-ene chemistry
07/09/2018 Lecture: Vitrimers and responsive formulations relying on boronic ester chemistry, Dr. Renaud Nikolay, ESPCI, Paris, France
05/09/2018 Lecture: Topological Polymer Chemistry with Programmed ESA-CF Polymer Folding Constructions, Prof. Yasuyuki Tezuka, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
05/09/2018 Lecture: Folded and Star Functional Polymers by Precision Polymerization, Prof. Mitsuo Sawamoto, Chubu University, Japan
22/06/2018 Phd defense of Jonas Van Damme: Anthracene-based crosslinked polymer systems with tunable thermo- and photoreversible properties
29/05/2018 Congrats to Laetitia and Steven for their poster and oral presentation awards during the Belgian Polymer Group meeting
09/05/2018 Lecture: Anionic Polymerization – Highly Established, but Still Exciting: From Aliphatic Polyethers to Living Multiblock Copolymers, Prof. Holger Frey, University of Mainz, Germany
03/05/2018 Congrats to Chiel for winning the best master thesis award given by the Belgian Polymer Group (2018)