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26/10/2018 Translating QR codes to chemical powder? We show that it is possible in our latest Nature Communications paper via multi-functionalised sequence-defined polymers
26/10/2018 Christian explaining about vitrimers and how to make more plastics recyclable in a video message.
02/10/2018 Filip has sent his first Tweet! Follow us on @Filip_Du_Prez
01/10/2018 From today Filip is associate editor for Polymer Chemistry
01/10/2018 Another paper on vitrimers appeared in JACS
12/09/2018 Phd defense of Daniel Frank: Thiolactone derivatives: From Bio-Based Building Blocks Towards Sustainable Materials
07/09/2018 Phd defense of Benjamin Hendriks: Self-crosslinking resins and vitrimers based on thiol-ene chemistry
07/09/2018 Lecture: Vitrimers and responsive formulations relying on boronic ester chemistry, Dr. Renaud Nikolay, ESPCI, Paris, France
05/09/2018 Lecture: Topological Polymer Chemistry with Programmed ESA-CF Polymer Folding Constructions, Prof. Yasuyuki Tezuka, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
05/09/2018 Lecture: Folded and Star Functional Polymers by Precision Polymerization, Prof. Mitsuo Sawamoto, Chubu University, Japan
22/06/2018 Phd defense of Jonas Van Damme: Anthracene-based crosslinked polymer systems with tunable thermo- and photoreversible properties
29/05/2018 Congrats to Laetitia and Steven for their poster and oral presentation awards during the Belgian Polymer Group meeting
09/05/2018 Lecture: Anionic Polymerization – Highly Established, but Still Exciting: From Aliphatic Polyethers to Living Multiblock Copolymers, Prof. Holger Frey, University of Mainz, Germany
03/05/2018 Congrats to Chiel for winning the best master thesis award given by the Belgian Polymer Group (2018)
18/04/2018 Congrats to Hannes, Niels and Wim with 3 papers in Macromolecules during the last months
29/03/2018 CMaC organizes its third workshop in Ghent
27/03/2018 Congratulations to Marc for winning Le Prix Sabatier d’Espeyran 2018 de l'Académie des Sciences et des Lettres de Montpellier
14/02/2018 Our review on anthracene-containing polymers appeared today in Progress in Polymer Science
01/01/2018 Wishing you all the best for the New Year!!
21/12/2017 Phd defense of Sophie Lingier: Polycycloacetals from renewable resources
15/12/2017 Excellence of Science project PRECISION (Sequence-defined Polymers: Engineering Materials with Biological Precision), coordinated by Filip, has been funded for the next 4 years
06/12/2017 Lecture: Responsive soft materials made by self-assembly, Prof. Bart-Jan Ravoo, University of Munster, Germany
30/11/2017 Congrats to Hannes for his Nature Communication paper on light-controlled reactions with TAD-chemistry.
Press release here
23/11/2017 Congratulations to both Josh and Hannes for their presentation and poster awards on EPTS2017 in Melbourne
10/11/2017 Lecture: Olefin metathesis: Efficient method for precise synthesis of end-functionalized liner/star conjugated polymers, Prof. Kotohiro Nomura, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
19/09/2017 Congratulations to Chiel Mertens for his "Best Chemistry Student" Dow-award