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09/02/2016 Lecture: Functional polymers from amino acids and sugars, Prof. Dr. Helmut Schlaad, University of Potsdam, Germany
07/01/2016 The MacroBeGe2016 meeting on February 15-16 is approaching – still open for poster presentations
01/01/2016 The PCR group looks forward to an innovative year 2016
29/10/2015 Chemical Science published our mini-review on vitrimers
01/10/2015 The PCR group and Dow were visited by the European commission in the context of the SUSCOAT EID-project on sustainable coatings for scavenging applications
17/09/2015 Congratulations to Niels for his "Best Student Presentation Award" on the E-MRS Fall Meeting in Warsaw
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The key objectives of the "Polymer Chemistry Research Group” (PCR) within the Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry in the Faculty of Sciences of Ghent University and part of the UGent Expertise Centre of Macromolecular Chemistry  (CMaC) can be described under the general heading "design, characterization and application of tailor-made, functional polymer structures and polymeric-derived materials".

Three types of research themes can be distinguished:

With our highly interdisciplinary approach, we are targeting novel, often industrially applicable polymer materials, for use in such areas as self-healing polymers, sustainable coatings, vitrimers, informatics, polymeric dispersants, packaging, particle design, recycling and reshaping by a combination of fine control over the polymer chemistry and an in-depth characterization of the materials generated, in conjunction with numerous academic and corporate partners.

A Business Developer, operating in the fields of our research, is strongly involved in the development of early-stage technologies and the set-up of long-standing interactions with corporate partners.

By its research activities and equipment facilities, the PCR-group has the intention to provide students and researchers with a broad scope of the design and understanding of the properties of polymeric materials.

We hope to welcome you one day to the
beautiful city of Ghent,
home of the spirit of Leo Baekeland.